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Thursday 17 May 2018

12th to 14th May – Short-toed Lark and Purple Sandpipers

The latest news from Lundy Warden Dean Jones:

"The obvious highlight for this period has to be the super Short-toed Lark which was found by Sam Bosanquet on the afternoon of the 13th, feeding along the Old Light track. Sam was fortunate enough to see this bird at least three times throughout the day from 15:20 – 19:25 as he passed to and from his accommodation at Old Light." See Sam's Twitter post here and record shot below:

Short-toed Lark, South West Field/Old Light track, 13 May © Sam Bosanquet

Notes from the LFS logbook 12th – 14th:

Whimbrel: 2 on 12th (South Light and west coast).
Dunlin: 1 was seen flying north on the 12th.
Purple Sandpiper: 4 at Brazen Ward on 14th, one of which was in full breeding plumage and allowed for superb prolonged close up views. (NB This is a notable record for what has never been a commonly reported species on Lundy, but sightings have been particularly few and far between in recent years.)
Collared Dove: 2 on 12th and 1 on 14th.
Swift: 1 on 12th & 14th and 2 on 13th.
Kestrel: A beautiful lone female was seen quartering the south end on 12th – the highlight of the island's second World Migratory Bird Day guided walk.
Swallow: 76 on the 12th, 200+ on 13th and 142 on 14th.
Sand Martin: 14 on 13th and 8 on 14th.
House Martin: 1 on 12th, 30+ on 13th and 11 on 14th.
Chiffchaff: 3 on 12th, 8 on 13th and 6 on 14th.
Willow Warbler: 1 bird on each day throughout this period.
Blackcap: Numbers have dropped dramatically compared to the start of the month. 1 on 12th, 2 on  13th and 3 on 14th.
Whitethroat: 1 on 12th & 13th and 4 on 14th.
Grasshopper Warbler: 1 flushed from the bracken alongside the track beyond Threequarter Wall on  13th.
Sedge Warbler: 4 on 12th, 1 on 13th and 2 on 14th.
Spotted Flycatcher: 2 late arriving birds on 12th were seen catching flies from the fence posts next to the Tavern.
White Wagtail: 1 male was seen feeding on the grass near Old Light in the evening of 12th (S Bosanquet).
Linnet: 5 on 12th, 21 on 13th and 22 on 14th.
Lesser Redpoll: One on 14th calling loudly whilst in flight above Millcombe.
Goldfinch: 14 on 12th, 11 on 13th and 14 on 14th.
Siskin: 2 beautiful birds (1 male & 1 female) were present in Millcombe on 14th.

"The weather is looking very exciting for the upcoming week! All the fingers and toes are crossed for something special."

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