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Thursday 3 May 2018

29th Apr to 2nd May – Slow!

Dean Jones reports: “It’s been a rather blustery period of late, with strong winds battering the island from all directions. Despite these unfavourable conditions some super migrants have braved the gales and joined us for a brief period. However, things are still very slow with regard to some of our migrant species. Still no Lesser Whitethroat or Yellow Wagtail and only a trickle of Whitethroat, Garden Warbler etc. We are hoping with the calm conditions forecast for the coming weekend that we will start seeing better numbers.”

Whimbrel: One heard calling in the Landing Bay on 29th and one on Lamentor on 30th (Rob & Sue Waterfield).
Sanderling: One feeding on the edge of the ‘Lundy Carwash’ (the big puddle on the track next to the Old Hospital) in the morning by (Pete Lambden).
Woodpigeon: Six in Millcombe on 30th – the highest count of the period.
Collared Dove: One seen coming in off the sea near Rat Island on 30th (Zoë Barton).
Willow Warbler: 20 on 29th, 25 on 30th and five on 1st.
Chiffchaff: Six on 29th, two on 30th & 1st.
Blackcap: 30 on 29th & 30th and 15 on 1st.
Garden Warbler: One at the top of Millcombe on 29th, and one caught and ringed on 30th.
Sedge Warbler: Four caught and ringed in Millcombe on 29th & 30th.
Whitethroat: Three on 29th and two on 30th.
Reed Warbler: The first of the year was caught and ringed in Millcombe on the afternoon of 30th.
Wheatear: 34 (composed of two gatherings of birds on SW Point and North end) on 29th and 48 on 30th.
Pied Flycatcher: One young male at the top of Millcombe on 29th.
Spotted Flycatcher: One on 29th and two on 30th. 
Redstart: A lone female was seen on the fence of Barton Field on 30th.
Swallow: 200+ on 29th, 82 on 30th and 10 on 1st.
House Martin: One on 29th and five on 30th.
Sand Martin: 10 on 29th and five on 30th.
Ring Ouzel: Three on 29th.
Goldfinch: 36 on 29th and 24 on 30th.
Linnet: 35 on 29th, 40 on 30th. 
Redpoll: A female was caught and ringed in Millcombe on 30th.

Dean also reports a Chaffinch “putting the finishing touches to a beautiful nest in Millcombe Valley, while the first of three pairs of Blackbirds with eggs has now started feeding their tiny chicks”.

Rob Duncan sent the following note on 2nd May: “A tough couple of days in which we ringed 17 birds on 1st May and 10 on 2nd – but looking good for the rest of the week. As well as watching  Puffins today, the best birds were Redpoll, Spotted Flycatcher and a Bullfinch in Millcombe.”

Mallard with ducklings, Quarters Pond, 29th Apr. © Dean Jones
Whimbrel, Lametor, 30th Apr. © Sue Waterfield
Pied Flycatcher, Millcombe, 29th Apr. © Dean Jones
Spotted Flycatcher, Millcombe, 29th Apr. © Dean Jones
Whitethroat, Millcombe, 30th Apr. © Sue Waterfield

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