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Saturday 21 February 2015

21/02/15 More seabird updates...

I've just looked at this blog and realised that I haven't updated for a while. Here are the highlights...

  • 18/02/15 1470 Guillemots on ledges (highest February count). 23 Kittiwakes on land (first of the season)
  • 12/02/15 263 Guillemots on ledges, Kittiwakes circling close to land.
  • 08/02/15 910 Guillemots on ledges, at least 78 Razorbills on land.
  • 27/01/15 1235 Guillemots on ledges, at least 7 Razorbills on land.
  • 18/01/15 1159 Guillemots on ledges, probably first Razorbill on land this season.
  • 11/01/15 no count of Guillemots on ledges, adult Kittiwakes flying past Devil's Kitchen
  • 30/12/14 1145 Guillemots on ledges, 40 minutes video F4 provisioning ledge.
  • 21/12/14 903 Guillemots on ledges
  • 16/12/14 442+ Guillemots on ledges, (only Jenny's Cove counted), 15 minutes video.