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Saturday 15 November 2014

15/11/14 - 516 Guillemots on survey ledges

Light SE winds this morning, but still a big swell at Jenny's Cove after the storms of the last few days.

516 Guillemots on my survey ledges. More birds have moulted into breeding plumage. I've took 20 minutes of video this morning and I hoping to take some more footage tomorrow.

1 Common Snipe flushed on my way back to the village.

Sunday 9 November 2014

09/11/14 - around 500 Guillemots on survey ledges

Around 490-520 Guillemots, I forgot my tripod so the counts were ballpark figures. There were more birds on ledges that I don't survey. Over 700 on a photographic count.

The Fulmars were back again, in Jenny's Cove and near Battery Point. The Fulmars in Skokholm were first seen today.

Wednesday 5 November 2014

05/11/14 - Guillemots moulting into 'summer' plumage.

No counts of Guillemots today, I tried to get some head images of the moulting birds. Here's a bridled bird from Jenny's Cove.

Some birds have almost completed their moult, whereas others are still white-headed.

No Fulmars in Jenny's Cove today.

Tuesday 4 November 2014

Images from 19-28 October

A few images by Richard Campey, from our nine-day trip to Lundy. Details of birds seen already posted. Images here of Waxwing at the top of Millcombe,  Firecrest in Quarter Wall Copse, Snow Bunting on the track between Quarter Wall and Halfway Wall and a Sparrowhawk being chased by a Raven off the East Side.

04/11/14 Fulmars back in Jenny's Cove

04/11/14 The first Fulmars have returned to Jenny's Cove - 10 on land and 15 in the air this morning. Also 398 Guillemots on my survey ledges

Saturday 1 November 2014

31 Oct – Balearic Shearwaters off the East Side

Friday 31st October: Rob Duncan reports that his last day on the island was very quiet with just a light passage of 100 Redwings and 200 Chaffinches. The day’s undoubted highlight was “an amazing 14 Balearic Shearwaters just off the East Side – this was probably an underestimate but we were able to count 14 in one group!”. This is the second highest number of Balearics recorded in a single day, the record being 27 (26 off North Light and one passing Rat Island) on 21 October 2012.

As far as we know there are no visiting birders on the island this week, but any updates received will be posted here.