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Saturday 13 December 2014

13/12/14 780 Guillemots on my survey ledges

780 Guillemots this morning. Most birds have now moulted into summer plumage, but there are still some that are still moulting. 

Wednesday 10 December 2014

Catching-up with my Guillemot counts...

 All those moulting Guillemots have kept me busy for the last few weeks. The last couple of days have been windy - too windy to take video - but it has given me time to catch-up. Here are the counts for the last month:
  • 09/12/14 534 Guillemots on ledges
  • 08/12/14 0+ Guillemots on ledges, (no count of Grand Falls Zawn, F6)
  • 06/12/14 151+ Guillemots on ledges, (only Jenny's Cove counted), 25 minutes video.
  • 30/11/14 623 Guillemots on ledges, 23 minutes video, peregrine eating immature gull.
  • 27/11/14 285+ Guillemots on ledges (only Jenny's Cove counted), 35 minutes video, one bird with leg ring.
  • 23/11/14 928 Guillemots on ledges, 15 minutes video
  • 18/11/14 239+ Guillemots on ledges (only Jenny's Cove counted), 35 minutes video.