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Monday 16 March 2015

Updates to the book 'The Birds of Lundy'

Readers may be interested to know that all notable updates to the information contained in our 2007 book The Birds of Lundy can now be found at http://www.birdsoflundy.org.uk – the companion site to this blog.

It has long been our intention to provide online updates to The Birds of Lundy and after a hiatus of some years we are pleased to announce that goal has now been realised. We are very grateful for the encouragement and technical support provided by both Chris Dee and Ian Farrell.

The new site provides complete updates (to the end of 2014) covering:
  • Unusually high counts or otherwise notable records of common species
  • All accepted records of Lundy, Devon and UK rarities
  • Photos of both rarities and commoner species (more will be added over the coming weeks)
  • Early and late dates for migrants
  • Summaries of current status for breeding species
  • Annual reports for bird ringing on Lundy
  • Links to useful sources of information
  • Corrections to any errors that have come to light since The Birds of Lundy was published
Comments, corrections, and other additional information, including photos from previous years, can be submitted via the 'Contact us' link within the site. We hope you enjoy exploring it.

Tim Davis & Tim Jones

1 comment:

  1. Hi Tim & Tim,

    I'm just stating to explore your updates. A very useful addition to your great book. Whenever we see an usual bird, or an early record, we turn to your book. Now we have another 7 years of records to aid us.

    Thanks for taking the time to produce these updates.