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Saturday 7 March 2015

05/03/15 Highest March count of Guillemots

05/03/15 1697 Guillemots on ledges (highest March count). More than 100 Kittiwakes on land
  • Highest number of Guillemots counted in March (previous record: 1674 birds on 10th March 2012)
  • 104 Kittiwakes on land F16, and one seen on F6, ten on E11
  • At least 400 Razorbills on land, at least 400 on the sea
  • Most Guillemots on ledges are in full breeding plumage, some are in stage Transitional/Breeding
  • Some Guillemots on the sea are still in full winter plumage
  • At least 6 Bridled Guillemots at site E14

25/02/15 682 Guillemots on ledges.

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