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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Is this last view of Chick N?

Chick N may have been taken by a gull. 2 minutes after I finished filming, a Herring Gull swooped down and tried to snatch something from the ledge. I couldn't tell whether the gull was successful, the parent didn't look upset, but I'll have to wait until Wednesday morning to find out.

Chick N

In other news: there are now at least 8 chicks on the ledge. Pairs B, C, E, H, I, N(possibly), Q and S all have chicks. Pairs A and M have no chicks or eggs. Pair G and possibly pair F are still sitting on eggs, and I'm still not sure about pairs O, P and R.

Egg G

 There were 5 feeds during my 2 hour survey this morning. Chicks B, I and S were fed once, and Chick F was again fed twice.

More news tomorrow.

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