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Sunday 6 August 2023

Lundy Bird Observatory Update - 06 August 2023

A busy Bideford sailing left little room for birding beyond census. The morning rounds largely consisted of the local breeders, with the only migrants in the form of 9 Willow Warbler. The Millcombe Swallow pair are going for a second brood in the Gas Store, busying themselves with sourcing fresh nesting material. A colour-marked Wheatear flitting around the Landing Bay confirmed that some of the local breeders are still knocking about, albeit vastly outnumbered by the number of juveniles on the wing. Elsewhere, a juvenile Grey Heron skulked around Pondsbury and another Storm Petrel ringing session gently ticked over through the evening with another 19 new birds, 2 between-year Lundy re-traps and a new control - although the clear night sky and bright moon saw a significant drop in the number of 'stormies' coming in to the colony.

Storm Petrel © Luke Marriner

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