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Tuesday, 19 March 2019

3rd to 19th Mar – Puffins ashore in numbers, good pipit passage

Below is a summary of sightings of note covering the period 3rd to 19th March, courtesy of Lundy Warden Dean Jones:

"Unfortunately there weren’t many observations recorded in the logbook whilst I was off the island last week but to be honest I am not really surprised, as akin to elsewhere in the UK Lundy at this time was subjected to the strong winds, thick mist and heavy rain brought forth by Storm Gareth. Thankfully the weather has become much more pleasant now allowing for some nice birdwatching between office work and some notable passage with regards to some species.

Highlights include a Great Northern Diver in the Landing Bay on a number of dates up until the 16th at least. We also had some small numbers of Red-throated Divers before Storm Gareth hit, with 4 birds on the 4th and 1 on the 6th. Some good numbers of auks have been present along the cliff-sides in the early mornings too, as well some more of the island's breeding gulls (62 Lesser Black-backed Gulls on breeding sites on the 18th). Puffins have been seen periodically throughout this stint, most of which were recorded out on the choppy seas though there were six birds back up on the Jenny’s Cove breeding slope on the 9th and a total of 58 today (19th).

Puffin, Jenny's Cove, 19 Mar 2019 © Chloe Lofthouse

Up on the island itself we’ve been blessed with some nice Meadow Pipit passage over the past two days with 200 recorded moving north on the 17th, 247 on the 18th and 108 on the 19th.

Other notble passage includes a number of Cormorant (singles on the 5th, 17th & 19th), Kestrel (a female on the 18th), Woodpigeon (max 4 on a number of dates), Sand Martin (4 on the 18th), Wheatear (1 on the 17th & 18th), Skylark (max 28 on the 17th), Pied Wagtail (up to 4 recorded on some days), Grey Wagtail (1 on the 19th), Goldcrest (max 4 on the 17th), Reed Bunting (singles on the 8th, 17th and 19th), Redwing (2 on the 18th), Song Thrush (singles on the 16th & 17th) and a scattering of Chaffinch and Goldfinch.

Grey Wagtail, Millcombe, 19 Mar 2019 © Dean Jones

And finally, the female Sparrowhawk stayed on the island until the 8th at least."

Report comprised of sightings from Grant Sherman, Siân Cann, Chloë Lofthouse, Zoë Barton and Dean Jones.

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