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Wednesday, 24 October 2018

24th Oct – What might have been!

Andy Jayne had a very frustrating sighting this morning: 16 egrets flying north-east past North Light (at 09.50 hrs) which may very well have been Cattle Egrets, but he couldn't be sure given the distance involved. It would be interesting to know if a flock of 16 egrets, whether of Cattle or Little, turned up anywhere in the Bristol Channel today.

Had Andy been able to pin down the birds as Cattle Egrets, not only would they have been a new species for his Lundy list, they would also have been a new species for Lundy. That's birding!

The best of the rest of Andy's sightings was a lone Ring Ouzel.

Justin Zantboer sent these additional sightings for 24th Oct on 25th, having been unable to get a mobile phone signal:

– four Yellow-browed Warblers (three in Millcombe and a new one in Quarter Wall Copse).
– a Siberian Chiffchaff (calling & photographed – picture to follow) in Millcombe.
– a Firecrest in St Helen’s Copse.
– a Ring Ouzel at the Terrace (the same bird seen later by Andy).
– one Golden Plover over Quarter Wall.
– a Grey Heron on Pondsbury.
– one Fieldfare and eight Redwings.
– four Blackcaps.
– four Chiffchaffs.
– a light passage of Skylarks, Meadow Pipits and a few finches.

Seawatching produced an adult Black-headed Gull, an adult Common Gull and 58 Kittiwakes feeding offshore from Millcombe.

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