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Thursday, 25 January 2018

Wed 24 Jan – A blustery but productive afternoon

On yet another blustery afternoon, Dean made it up to North End on Wednesday 24th, enjoying some good birding by January standards:

Black-throated Diver – The star of the show! A single bird feeding and preening just off North West Point.
Red-throated Diver – 2 birds feeding off North End, just out from the Virgin’s Spring area.
Fulmar – Total of 88: a raft of 30 off North End, 44 on Gannets Rock, 8 on ledges in Long Roost and 6 on Jenny’s Cove ledges.
Gannet – A single bird off North End.
Shag – 2 off North End feeding near Kittiwake Gully.
Great Black-backed Gull – 24 (14 of which were preening on Pondsbury).
Lesser Black-backed Gull – 4 preening on Pondsbury.
Herring Gull – 143, most of which were feeding and roosting in Tillage Field.
Kittiwake – 245 off North End.
Common Gull – A single 1st-winter bird resting with a few Herring Gulls just off from North Light.
Oystercatcher – A total of 4 consisted of 3 in the Landing Bay and 1 in Gannets' Bay.
Guillemot – A feeding raft of 230 off North End.
Razorbill – A feeding raft of 53 off North End.
Carrion Crow – 35 feeding in Tillage Field.
Skylark – 3 birds in Middle Park.
Redwing – 6 in Barton Field.
Blackbird – 6 from the Village to Quarter Wall.
Chaffinch – 2 feeding along track next to Tillage Field.

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