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Wednesday 8 November 2017

Wed 1st to Fri 3rd Nov – Migration still in full swing

Paul Holt has contributed the following comprehensive updates, showing that migration continued to be in full swing last week, with some Lundy rarities thrown into the mix too...

 1st November

“Finches still on the move – 1,995 Chaffinches, 96 Siskins, 50 Bramblings, 6 Redpolls. One Hawfinch present in Millcombe. Two Reed Buntings at the Rocket Pole flew off south and later there were 4 at Stoneycroft. Thrushes included 42 Fieldfares, 54 Redwings, 14 Song Thrushes, 15 Blackbirds and 3 Mistle Thrushes – a single in the field near where the helicopter lands, and then later two rattling very high over Millcombe. A Yellow-browed Warbler showed amazingly well, feeding on the west side of the wall which goes up to the Old Light from the stonecrusher. 5 Goldcrests, 2 Firecrests, 4 Chiffchaffs, and 4 Blackcaps. Waders included 1 Oystercatcher,1 Dunlin, Golden Plover heard, Woodcock flushed from path to Hanmers. Coal Tit still in Millcombe. 5 Stonechats, 1 Black Redstart below Windy Corner.”

2nd November

“Finches: 365 Chaffinches, 25 Bramblings, 14 Siskins, 2 Redpolls, 4 Linnets, and 5 Greenfinches. Single Reed Buntings at the Rocket Pole and Stoneycroft, 1 Lapland Bunting south at Rocket Pole. Movement of Skylarks with 46 in total, most of which appeared to come in from the south. Thrushes: 209 Redwings, 10 Fieldfares, 33 Blackbirds, 18 Song Thrushes. Crests and warblers included 10 Goldcrests, 2 Firecrests, 11 Chiffchaffs and 7 Blackcaps, but I was surprised to see a Dartford Warbler by Bramble Villa East, where we were staying. It flew across the path from dense brambles and then fed actively, working up the slope in amongst the low, stunted gorse bushes. Mike Buck reported seeing a Yellow-browed Warbler feeding actively by Bramble Villa. Offshore from the Landing Bay, the 50 Kittiwakes and 70 Herring Gulls went into panic mode as a dark-phase Arctic Skua harassed them. Dean saw two Mediterranean Gulls whilst doing the last seal survey of the year. Two Little Egrets flew north up the East Side. Also a lone Stock Dove flew north, 2 Grey Wagtails and 4 alba wgatails went south, the Merlin was still very active, 6 Stonechats,  3 Snipe (we saw one and another two reported) and Coal Tit still present.”

Dartford Warbler, near Brambles, 2 Nov 2017 © Paul Holt
Dartford Warbler, 2 Nov 2017 © Paul Holt
3rd November

“Friday had a good feel about it, but time was limited due to helicopter flight. Finches: 600 Chaffinches, 7 Bramblings, 18 Siskins, 1 Hawfinch in Millcombe. One Snow Bunting circling over Millcombe. Thrushes: 18 Fieldfares, 600 Redwings, 26 Blackbirds, 6 Song Thrushes and at last a single Ring Ouzel chakking in tree tops of Millcombe. 7 Goldcrests, 4 Blackcaps, and the Coal Tit was still present. One Lesser Black-backed Gull. And finally a Black Redstart on the roof of the Tavern. On that last morning, as we walked up from Bramble Villa, I did have a pipit call twice which sounded like a Tree Pipit but I could not see it and could not find it on looking later. All in all, a brilliant visit; the first we have made in the autumn – what a great time to go. Strange to be the only birder other than Dean. It is amazing how much has been seen this autumn considering the very low number of birders; just think what would be seen if there were a good gang for a month or so…”

Little Egrets off the East Side, 2 Nov 2017 © Paul Holt

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  1. I wonder if the pipit is the same individual that I glimpsed and heard on a number of occasions the previous week, but never managed to pin down. It's been incredibly elusive if it is, but, at this time of the year, it seems more likely that there has been one lingering individual rather than a number of different Tree/Olive-backed.