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Thursday, 26 October 2017

26th Oct – a day full of birds!

Here's an updated bulletin on yesterday's incredible day, with extra info texted by Justin Zantboer from the Oldenburg on the return crossing.

An exhausted Andy Jayne rang through the day's sightings late in the evening after what he described as an extraordinary day of birds, with large numbers of Chaffinch and Redwing passing through, and more Hawfinches arriving. While Andy was filling his notebook out and about the island, Rob Duncan and team enjoyed their "best day's ringing" on Lundy, trapping 255 birds, mostly thrushes, warblers, crests and Siskins.

Ruff – one in Lighthouse Field.
Woodcock – one, the first of the autumn, in Smelly Gully.
Black-headed Gull – an adult over Millcombe.
Woodpigeon – two over Millcombe.
Swallow – 15.
House Martin – 2
Firecrest – eight, five of which were caught and ringed.
Yellow-browed Warbler – three caught and ringed.
Willow Warbler – a late bird caught and ringed.
Chiffchaff – 20, including a strong candidate for Siberian Chiffchaff caught and ringed.
Blackcap – 40.
Garden Warbler – another late bird, also caught and ringed.
Blackbird – 50+.
Song Thrush – 100+.  
Redwing – 1,000+.
Mistle Thrush – one in Millcombe.
Black Redstart – two near the Old Light.
Red-throated Pipit – one in the Brick Field late in the afternoon.
Brambling – 15.
Chaffinch – 6,500.
Hawfinch – 15, though Andy considers this to be a conservative estimate, with constant movement and birds coming in off the sea. One caught and ringed.
Redpoll – 2.
Siskin – 350.
Snow Bunting – one on the Airfield.
Lapland Bunting – one on the Airfield and in flight over Lighthouse Field.
Reed Bunting – one at Pondsbury.

And lastly, a probable Olive-backed Pipit heard by Andy Jayne at 08.55 as it flew south over the Terrace and heard over Brambles by the ringing team at 09.00.

Photos below from Lundy Warden, Dean Jones.

Firecrest. © Dean Jones
Hawfinch. © Dean Jones
Yellow-browed Warbler. © Dean Jones

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