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Saturday, 10 September 2016

Wed 7 to Fri 9 Sep

Tony Taylor reports a new high for autumn ringing of Manx Shearwaters with 74 birds ringed or retrapped on the night of 6/7 Sep. The only signs of movement through the island were on 7th with 65 House Martins, 45 Swallows and seven White Wagtails. The highlight of the day was a Convolvulus Hawk-moth found by Richard & Rebecca Taylor.

On 8 Sep an Ortolan Bunting and a Tree Pipit were in Millcombe, and a single Golden Plover was also reported.

On 9 Sep three “noisyReed Warblers were still in lower Millcombe, and a Wryneck was also seen.

The report on Devon Bird Sightings of a Great Grey Shrike on Lundy on 6 Sep was in fact a Red-backed Shrike, possibly the one first seen on 31 Aug.

Tony, Richard & Rebecca depart the island on 10 Sep, with Nik Ward and Peter Slader arriving to continue the shearwater ringing. Chris Dee will be reporting sightings during Nik and Peter’s stay.


  1. Tim, the shrike on the 6 Sep on Lundy was a Red-Backed Shrike. I first saw a short glimpse of a Shrike 3/4s of the way up the beach road flying right to left into the woods on the south side of the road. Then on a got a good look at a Red-backed Shrike sitting top of the post of the stile on the far west side of Quarter Wall. Presume it was the first one I saw but could be sure so wouldn't like to make a call on it. Also got a good view of the Little Stint with the others as we were on the way back to catch the boat. Didn't realise there was a log book!

    1. Thanks Steve. Your comment helped sort out the confusion arising over the reporting on Devon Bird Sightings of a Great Grey Shrike on the island on 6 Sep. The Lundy Field Society logbook in the Tavern is open to all visitors and your observations would be very welcome the next time you go to Lundy.