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Sunday, 12 June 2016

Fri 10 Jun – Hobby among other late migrants

At 7.40am on Friday 10th Tim Jones watched a Hobby (the third in a fortnight) take off from a tree perch near the top of the steps between Millcombe and St Helen's Combe. It flew around the south side of the Ugly but was not seen again. A singing male Whitethroat at St Helen's Copse was seen carrying nesting material (and singing at the same time!), but there was no sign of a second bird. A flock of seven Woodpigeons flew out of Millcombe, where there was again a single singing Collared Dove. A Willow Warbler was singing from Millcombe wood, above the the Casbah, in the early evening, but was probably just passing through as it had not been seen or heard earlier in the day, nor was it present the following day. Other late migrants included a Spotted Flycatcher (Millcombe) and five Swifts, while the Golden Plover remained in South West Field.

A new brood of eight Mallard ducklings appeared with a female on the Brick Field pond. One of the Lesser Black-backed Gull nests on the Miller's Cake (a large rock slab adjoining the Landing Bay) contained two small chicks. Tim Davis & Tim Jones estimated more than 1,000 Diamond-back Moths in a Pineapple Weed-dominated area of the Lighthouse Field no more than 50m x 5m!

Spotted Flycatcher, Lundy, Jun 2016 © Tim Jones

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