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Monday, 20 May 2013

Seabird activity

19 May 2013

Grant Sherman's surveys of the seabird cliffs on the island include:

 "1245 Guillemots on my survey ledges this morning. A lot of birds sitting hunchbacked on the St Philip's Stone sites (presumably sitting on eggs). Not as many on the Jenny's Cove sites - however I did get a photo of this egg. 

13 Puffins on the land and 5 on the water at St Philip's Stone.
35 Puffins on the land and at least 10 on the water at Jenny's Cove

around 4 or 5 hundred Razorbills but I didn't do a proper count. 

Some Kittiwakes were collecting grass and turf for nest material. "

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  1. Thanks for posting this Richard. I should have done this myself :)