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Tuesday 19 February 2013

19/02/13 Lundy Chough still present.

New Lundy Warden Beccy MacDonald spotted the Chough outside the Marisco Tavern this lunchtime. Fortunately she called me so I could get these photos.


  1. Well done both and a warm welcome to Beccy...!

  2. Great photos Grant. I hope this bird is still there when I am on the island next month!!

  3. Choughs were reportedly "as common as crows" on Lundy in the 19th century... Wouldn't it be fantastic if this bird could find a mate and pioneer a new colony? Let's hope some fine spring weather tempts some unpaired Welsh or Cornish birds to make a trip to Lundy, rather than inspiring this bird to do a runner for the mainland!

  4. Glad to find your blog. We're visiting next month - what should we look out for? Will the chough be still around?