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Thursday 24 January 2013

New Lundy Wildlife Blog launched

Welcome to the new Lundy Birds Blog            January 2013

After some five years of running the Lundy Birds website www.lundybirds.org.uk I have decided to change the way bird information can be shared. The website (which will remain live as an archive for some time) will be replaced by a blog. This will allow sightings and pictures to be added to the site directly by the observers. If you are a regular contributor then please contact me to become an author, as this will allow you to post directly to the blog.

This first post is just to get the site underway and for me to fiddle with some of the formatting so please bear with me if you have just logged on.

Anyone can add a comment to the blog by clicking on the "comment" tab at the bottom of each posting. To view the comments people have made you need to click where it lists the number of comments at the bottom of the post.

I have sent out a number of invitations to regular contributors to the old website, but if you wish to become an author please contact me directly using the lundybirds website.

Thank you and I hope you will all enjoy the lundybirds blog

Richard Campey


  1. Brilliant. I'll be checking this regularly.

  2. Great idea Richard. I look forward to watching progress here. I am planning several visits to the island this year and will be updating my sightings here as soon as I can when I return from each trip.

  3. Splendid effort, thanks for taking the time to set up and run this site.

  4. Great idea. I was on Lundy twice last year and contributed my photo sightings. Will be reading this blog regularly.

    1. Thank you Wendy, if you go again this year and want to upload your own photographs I will send you the details. Richard.