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Wednesday, 20 October 2021

19th Oct – Gales, rain and clag

A day of lashing SW gales, spells of rain and drizzle, and often very poor visibility, as clag shrouded the island for much of the time, led to the cancellation of all transportation on or off the island.

A write-off as far as ringing was concerned, but visibility improved enough for a time in the middle of the day for some birding in the few relatively sheltered spots, including the Terrace and parts of lower Millcombe and along the Beach Road. Observations included a Cormorant, two Merlin, seven Blackcap, three Chiffchaff, three Goldcrest, a Wheatear near Old Light, two Black Redstart (plus a few Stonechats, Robins and Rock Pipits) around the Landing Bay, one Grey Wagtail, five alba wagtail, 42 Chaffinch, 90 Siskin.

Seawatching from the Castle and the Ugly, when visibility allowed, proved fairly fruitless, with small numbers of Gannets, auks, Shags and a handful of large gulls, with no Kittiwakes, other smaller gulls, shearwaters or skuas, in spite of the rough conditions.

Ringing total zero again...

Observations contributed by: Chris & Carol Baillie, Richard Campey, Tim Davis, James Diamond, Rob Duncan, Andy Jayne and Tim Jones.

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