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Tuesday, 31 October 2017

30th Oct – White-fronted Geese

Andy Jayne's last report before leaving the island yesterday as follows:

"The highlight today was a small flock of five White-fronted Geese which flew down the east side, but then turned and appeared to drop down, possibly on the Airfield. I didn't have time to chase them, so alerted Dean Jones who drove up the island and saw them in flight. Not sure if they were Greenland or Russian race, but all were adults. Millcombe was quite busy with the Coal Tit still present, a female Bullfinch, a Greenfinch, six Bramblings, two Hawfinches, a Mistle Thrush and I estimated 170 Fieldfares moving through. Also a Yellow-browed Warbler (unringed) near the stonecrusher and, as usual, a Merlin belting around."

The White-fronted Goose record is the 21st for Lundy since recording by the LFS started in 1947, but only the third this century following single birds in Nov 2001 and Oct 2003.

Thanks Andy for sending your sightings of what proved to be an exciting week. Paul Holt is on the island this week and will send updates when mobile signals allow.

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