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Saturday, 4 April 2015

4/4/15 First Puffins reported on Lundy...

... by Cathy and other members of the Lundy Field Society working party. Around 30 Puffins were seen at Jenny's Cove at 10am on the land, going into burrows, on the sea, and flying between the land and sea.

I thought about going to Jenny's this morning, but decided to go to the Ugly instead to try to see the Black Guillemot. No luck there. I'll be out at Jenny's tomorrow with the video camera...

It was good to see members of MARINElife this afternoon. Today was the first day of their 2015 season of marine surveys from the MS Oldenburg. Their Lundy sightings blog is here.


  1. Great news Grant! After a false start a bit earlier in the season, Skokholm's Puffins also showed up in numbers in the last day or two as described here: http://skokholm.blogspot.co.uk/2015/04/we-have-been-incredibly-fortunate-this.html And there are some interesting statistics on winter survival of Skokholm's colour-ringed Puffins, showing the adverse impact of the stormy 2013/2014 winter here: http://skokholm.blogspot.co.uk/2015/04/a-blustery-and-generally-dull-day-with.html It is likely that Lundy Puffins were affected similarly.

    1. Helen and self decided to stay at Tibbetts again, arriving by helicopter as conditions were unsuitable for the Oldenburg. Braving an eye-watering wind on April 1st we saw no puffins, but saw 16 on the water on April 2nd and 23 on the water and 1 on land on April 4th, on both occasions looking north to south into Jenny's Cove. (Paul Bolland)